Speech is finally completed! 13/11/12

Completed my speech! It’s made me so happy, oh my god! I actually just belted the hell out of it last night and got it completed. 11 minutes it came too, YEAH MAN. I got to leave really early from TAFE today which was so good. I came home, watched Kardashians (yeah, I have no life) and then had like a 2 hour sleep. It just put me in the most happy mood, it’s like the moment when Harry killed Voldemort, only I didn’t kill anyone. But it was an awesome moment for sure!

I wore high-waisted short shorts for the first time this spring/summer and I was so uncomfortable, since I’ve been trying to put it off for as long as possible because I’ve gained so much weight over the past year. My mum always says “Your just getting a woman’s body” and I’m like “no, I’m just getting fat”. I’m kind of happy Mum gives it to me sweet though, even though I know I’ve put on weight she makes me feel better regardless. 

I had this weird arse dream last night, that the world was having a zombie apocalypse  Lol, I’ve been watching waaaaayyy to much Pewdiepie ‘the walking dead’. Eh, it’s just so good. I don’t know if I’ve said it already, but if you haven’t watched him yet, check out Pewdiepie. He’s so awesome!

Tomorrow is part 2 of Legal studies exam and part 2 of Maths exam. Then I have next week an English exam and then I’m done year 11! Best feeling ever.

Assignments are STUPID! 12/11/12

Sooooo, as you can probably read by my super interesting title, I hate assignments. Yeah, they suck. I’m honest to god, I cannot for the heck of me actually right this speech. I think it’s because I start getting, like, excited about doing absolute shit all on the Christmas holidays. But what did I decide to do before I started on my assignment, yep tumblr. I am just so bloody smart, jealous? Pfft, I hope not. 

I read ‘Catcher in the rye’ today, well I’ve been reading it over a period of a month now and I gotta say, give it a read. It was actually pretty good, I thought it would be hell boring, considering the title and all. I had to do it for English, I have to write about all the technical features and shit. A two hour exam, yep sounds so fun aye!

I have to go to the Sunshine Coast this weekend, if you didn’t know where that is, it’s in Queensland Australia. I used to live there, my Dad still lives there so I occasionally see him. Three hour train ride here I come, so depressing I know. Anyway, my day sucked arse. I had Legal first and well, I had to start off my day doing a Legal Studies exam.. part 1! Then I had to do a Maths exam.. part goddamn 1! It’s so effing boring, I just can’t begin to comprehend to you about about much I  just, hate maths! It could be the death of me I’m not even kidding.

This week is going to be a longggggggg week, yippee..

First blog! 11-11-12

I decided to make this simply because I thought maybe I could express some of the shit I go through sometimes. Not only that but putting down what I want to sounds quite satisfying to me. 

Today, my day as practically consisted of sitting around my house, and eh trying to start on this big arse assignment I have. Which is by the way due on Tuesday.. which is kind of in two days. Eh, I’m not stressing at all. Well, kind of. But one thing you should probably know about me is I can leave an assignment to the day before it’s due and make it sounds 50 times better then if I did it over a period of a month. I’m not even kidding. Fuck, I get so bored and it’s so extremely hard to put my head down and search up about something that doesn’t in anyway shape of form interest me. So I’ve ended up listening to Birdy’s album all goddam day and watched Pewdiepie on youtube. Yeah, sounds so friggin interesting aye. I worked on Friday night, so I was kinda glad I had the whole weekend to do jackshit. Oh, instead of this gay assignment, which I didn’t do. Wanna know the funniest part? It’s 7:41pm and I’ve probably done about 4 minutes of a speech.. andddd it has to be 15 minutes. My parents I’m sure can hear my music pretty loud, and they’re probably thinking “She’s definitely not doing her assignment” and I couldn’t really give a shit. To be honest, I care about my future and such, and getting ‘good grades’ to get into the UNI I want to get into but, fuck stress is getting to me. I don’t know, it’s kinda creeping me out because it feels like I’m talking to my computer about my problems. Lol. Anyhow, this is a long first blog and I don’t see who would be that bored that they would read all of it but if you do, then I feel your pain. 

If you don’t know my main page it’s ‘beautyofaplasticbay.tumblr.com’ and I post cliche photos that everyone else posts just because, I have no life.
If you’ve followed me, have fun reading about my gay life. It’s just so friggin gay.